December 2017

Cambridge; a city of high intellect, fine food, exquisite architecture and the soon-to-be-opened University Arms Hotel, a project undertaken by MBDS and John Simpson Architects.

As with all new projects we like to get to know the location, so who better to ask about the university city than local foodie, and Head Chef of University Arms’ Parker’s Tavern, Tristan Welch. Read on for tips on punting, culture and fine wine.

If you could sum up Cambridge in three words, what would they be?

Quirky, interesting and home

If you could choose just one museum or art gallery to visit, which one would it be?

I adore Kettle's Yard which is relaunching in 2018 so the anticipation makes me more excited about it than ever. Although that being said, I will never get tired of walking through the columns of Fitzwilliam either…

What’s Cambridge’s best kept secret?

There are some really good secrets but I definitely couldn’t tell you on paper!

Where and what is your go-to place on a Friday night?

Cocktails at Novi or a pint at Pint Shop (you can’t leave without having at least three of them)!

Sunday brunch spot?

Bacon Sandwiches at Fitzbillies – a true work of art.

Best spot for people watching?

You simply need to take a punt! Granchester Meadows and the walls of Kings College are also good… or outside The Mill pub by the river.

Last-minute date spot?

Cocktails at Novi again! Cambridge isn’t short of entertainment, there is always something on; productions, comedy or live music. You just need to walk past the railings of the local church to check the flyers to give you inspiration. You may not get the best seats last minute but you will definitely find something.

Best advice to an out-of-towner?

Make sure you take a walk down Trumpington Street and Kings Parade to the bridge with the most amazing views.

What’s the best way to get around the city?

Bicycle. Or a tricycle! But please do wear helmet…

Naturally University Arms will be the best place to stay in Cambridge, but where do you recommend going to, locally, for a weekend away from the city?

North Norfolk, just a couple of hours away. We have a house there where we stay but Titchwell Manor Hotel is a beautiful spot.

Where’s best to grab coffee? A smooth glass of red?

Coffee in Cambridge? Got to be Hot Numbers Café and Cambridge Cookery School. And for wine… Cambridge Wine Merchants are the most exceptional shops scattered around city. I highly recommend the Bridge Street shop.

Photography © Jake Curtis, Kettle’s Yard & Perowne International
University Arms Hotel will be open in Summer 2018