July 2017

Established in 2011 by Nicolas Cloutier and friends, Nose is your go-to shop for discovering perfume in Paris.

As a long-term resident of the city we couldn’t think of anyone better to give us the low-down of Paris. We caught up to find out where’s best to drink coffee, pamper yourself and discover the city's secrets. It’s time to follow your nose and discover the scents of Paris. 

Tell us about your neighbourhood and how it differs from Paris’s other areas

Nose is located in the Quartier Montorgueil, an area of Paris which has been synonymous with the centre of fashion since the early 20th century. It was also an extension of Les Halles which was where the meat market took place. Some shops even have elements of the market still visible; A Simon and Replay have both incorporated the original meat racks into the stores’ design. Like any city neighbourhood, the area’s popularity dipped but in the '00s it revived once more. Nose moved to Rue Bachaumont in 2011; it was the perfect location for the brand as it had such an interesting history to it with the rise of fashion etc.

The New York Times has now dubbed this area the epicenter of modern day Paris; actors can be spotted on the streets, the Hotel Bachaumont attracts cosmopolitan people and the restaurants around are excellent. Personally, I love the La Bocca neighbourhood which has a real family feel to it and is interspersed with wonderful Italian restaurants and delis. It’s perfect for a foodie like me.

If you could choose just one museum or art gallery to visit, which one would it be?

If you have the chance visit L’Atelier des Moulages, part of La Réunion des Musées Nationaux Grands Palais Louvre. It is completely unique and is where the Louvre keeps a huge archive of sculptures. Located north of Paris in Seine St. Denis, the studio is limited to how many people can visit so if you get the chance, take it!

What’s Paris’s best kept secret?

The above answer!

Historically, Paris has been a mecca for fine dining – give us your top 3 places for dinner with friends

I’m quite lazy so I don’t tend to venture too far for my food! However, I do recommend the restaurant at Hotel Bachaumont. They serve a lamb dish which has been cooked for 72 hours, I can’t recommend enough. If I’m in a hurry I like Frenchie To Go; for a great atmosphere I enjoy Le Daroco which was Jean Paul Gaultier’s old studio (ask for the manager, Mickael, he’s super) and finally, for a classic eatery it has to be L’Avant Comptoir. It’s the very best for French tapas and the boudin noir is not to be missed.

Best beauty and lifestyle shops?

These are all hair related however, Christophe Robin for great colouring, David Mallett for styling and Messieurs Dames for a fantastic cut on a lower budget.

Where and what is your go-to place on a Friday night?

I never go out on Fridays as its usually too crowded and I prefer to go out during the week on a Tuesday or Wednesay when it’s quieter. My tip though is to search out private parties. These can easily be found in Paris. If this doesn’t take your fancy then go toLa Mano if you want to dance like it were your last ever dance or get a cocktail at Silencio. Ask for Rob, he is one of the best mixologists in town.

Sunday brunch spot?

On Sundays I tend to go cycling with my daughter and we will go to the Joséphine Baker Poolfor a swim. We will then go for a quick bite at a little café next door. It’s a very chilled area of the city.  

Last-minute date spot?

It’s been ages since I had to find a date spot! But back in the day, one of my favourite spots was Ave Maria restaurant – it served the perfect drink to help lull you into your date. Madame Polo is also a fun option. It’s in the 11th Arrondissement and is run by a 90 year old bar tender and her cat. The rum is excellent. I would also recommend getting a seat at the bar of Gravity Bar and ordering the French-Canadian food.

Where’s best to stay in Paris?

Hotel Bachaumont or Hotel Paradis in the 9th arrondissement

Where’s best to grab coffee? A cold glass of wine?

Morning coffee at The Broken Arm, a Swedish concept store and café. For a cold glass of wine I enjoy going to The Terrace of Hotel Raphael, it has amazing views of the Champs Elysées.

Finally, what’s your best piece of advice for a Paris novice?

Rent a bicycle or walk and avoid going exclusively via city guides. Explore for yourself!


Paris imagery via Pinterest, Nose imagery © Nose
20 Rue Bachaumont, 2e