January 2013

    As the popularity of taxidermy increases as a form of art, British taxidermist Polly Morgan portrays the beauty in the corruption of nature and death. Whether or not it appeals to everyone, Polly Morgan is ensuring that taxidermy is not just a passing phase and it has strong longevity with her bold and sometimes gruesome art. As a London based Artist, Polly Morgan allows us to see our favourite City through her eyes.

    City: LondonOccupation: Artist & TaxidermistWebsite: www.pollymorgan.co.uk

    Favourite place to eat at the weekend: Scotts. www.scotts-restaurant.com

    A spot for people watching: The Tube.

    Best coffee shop in London: No one makes coffee as strong as I like it; so I tend to have it from home. The Monmouth Coffee Co. in Covent Garden is good though if I'm passing. www.monmouthcoffee.co.uk

    Favourite building in London: I tend to admire old factory buildings the most. There are so many in East London and I love them all.

    Where inspires your work: Hackney Marshes, where I run with my dogs.

    Street with the best shops: I love all the home decor shops on the Brompton Road but can't afford any of them.

    How you get around the city: If it's local then I drive. If I'm crossing town then I'll take the tube.

    Bookshop where you can pick up the best reads: I like a wide range of books so I tend to go to Foyles on Charing Cross Road. www.foyles.co.uk

    Your favourite person in the city: My boyfriend Mat.

    Best vintage shop (clothes or other): Alfies on Lisson Grove has a good range. www.alfiesantiques.com

    Where to go to get a cold beer: I have no idea, I don't drink it.

    Or a good cocktail: Ditto. But I've heard that the Dean St Townhouse do a good cocktail. www.deanstreettownhouse.com

    Any good party spots you’d recommend: I usually end up at the Groucho or 5 Hertford St if I'm out late. www.thegrouchoclub.com or www.5hertfordstreet.co.uk

    Favourite art gallery: Although they do not always display Art; the Wellcome Trust usually has great shows. www.wellcome.ac.uk

    Your place for lunch: The Albemarle at Browns Hotel. www.thealbemarlerestaurant.com

    Your standard (lunch) order: I rarely go out for lunch except for special occasions; then I'll make sure to order something that I don't cook at home. Last time was my birthday and I had rare venison with haggis and cabbage.

    A great market: New Spitalfields fruit & vegetable market in Leyton. I get up at the crack of dawn for trays of fruit and wholesale flowers. www.wholesalefruitvegetableflowers.co.uk

    Tip for an out-of-towner: Walk. You can criss-cross the city by walking or cycling along the canals. You'll see a much more beautiful side to London that way.

    Recommendation for a romantic dinner for two: J Sheekey Oyster Bar.www.j-sheekey.co.uk

    The era you’d most like to have experienced London: Victorian would be intriguing. Although only on the proviso I was one of the lucky (wealthy) ones. I wouldn't want to end up in the workhouse.

    A must do for someone who has never been to the city before: Pham Sushi. www.phamsushi.co.uk

    The music track you associate with your life in London: Downtown by Petula Clark.

    One reason to love London: Because it's big enough to edit and tailor to requirements.