June 2015

Housed in amongst the industrial charm of the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, East Mamma is an Italian style eatery with a fresh, fun and authentic aesthetic.

We spoke with the young entrepreneurs and culinary connoisseurs behind the bustling restaurant, Victor Lugger and Tigrane Seydoux, who despite still feeling "like tourists (and) amazed by the lights, the details, the buildings, the thrill of the city” are more than able to teach us a thing or two about the French capital.

Your favourite spot for people watching?

Don’t watch people, look up in the streets to the unexpected details.

Favourite coffee shop?

When we want the traditional Parisian thrill, we go to Verlet, Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré. When we want the contemporary red-fruity taste of a perfect blend, we go to Lomi, in the 20th district. Everyday, we drink coffee at our restaurant where we roast it ourselves, Neapolitan style.

Which part of Paris inspires you? Which doesn't?

Drive by car on Place de la Concorde at 7.00am on a sunny morning, walk in the Abbesses (SoMa) and grab a glass of white wine with oysters, discover the hidden passages behind Bastille or drink the best tea you've ever had at Place Monge a La Maison des Trois thés , after a Pentanque game in Arenes de Lutéce!

Street with the best shops?

The bottom part of Rue Mouffetard, for all the food shops, in particular for cheese, bread and veggies. Oh, fish is great there too. And the meat is good too.

Favourite place to eat?

Along La Seine, in the summertime, at night. A small pique-nique of great cheese and a magnifique baguette. A bottle of Meursault and a raspberry pie.

Favourite place for a cocktail?

Ober Mamma near Bastille for the infused alcohols and Le Syndicat, Rue du Faubourg Saint Denis, for they only use French spirits.

Favourite book shop?

Amazon.com. Sorry.

Favourite art gallery or museum?

La Maison Européenne de la Photography. Do not miss that.

Tip for an out of-towner? 

Ride a bike. Eat a Quenelle at Moissonier in the 5th with a glass of the house red wine. Get lost. Look up. Don’t buy shoes. Buy food.

Favourite market in Paris?

Les Enfants Rouges in Le Marais with the hipsters. On Boulevard Richard-Lenoir with the real Parisians.

A must do for someone who has never been to Paris before?

Walk 10 hours a day for 3 days. Avoid museums.