February 2016

From a morning cuppa to an afternoon blend, tea is an integral part to our way of life. 

This week we visited Postcard Teas, an authentic teashop hidden away off New Bond Street. Postcard Teas focus on small-scale production tea - their ethos of smaller production grows from a belief that the best tea comes from smaller, wholly devoted producers; they grow the best tasting tea and are the best people to work with. Postcard Teas believe some of the very best teas in China, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam are produced on family farms usually of less than one or two acres. It is these farms that produce the authentic Xihu Long Jing, Wuyi Oolongs, the most sought after Taiwanese teas, and many of Japan’s greatest green teas.

Founded in 2008, Postcard Teas was the first tea company in the world to put the producer’s name and location on all of their 60 blends. Between the team of six, they have amassed over 20 years of tea travels between them, ensuring they are your go-to for discovering delicious brews.

Postcard Teas
9 Dering Street,
New Bond Street,
London, W1S 1AG
All photography (c) Postcard Teas