February 2017

Conjuring up the spirit of a long-vanished world would suitably describe the latest edition to your coffee table book collection; Beautiful People of the Café Society: Scrapbooks by the Baron de Cabrol.

Capturing the zeitgeist and the very essence of an era is not an easy feat, however the Baron de Cabrol achieved just this in his collection of scrapbooks. Glamorous aristocrats, Fred and his wife Daisy formed one of the most prominent twentieth century high society couples. Leading members of the café society, the Cabrols socialised with the biggest names of the time – from Queen Amelia of Portugal to their close friends, the Windsors.

Between the years of 1937 and 1960, Fred, as the baron was known by, diligently crafted the books, gathering photographs, receipts, menu cards and other paraphernalia, and merging them into one of his painted scenes. From horse racing and society balls, to summers spent at the Cap and in Greece, these scrap books not only document the life of a family but also one of a society where fashion, art and revelry ruled. Below is a snapshot of the book, including a handful of our favourite collages.