June 2017

Situated in the picturesque hills of Litchfield County, Connecticut, Plain Goods offers a thoughtful collection of simple, well-made goods with a classic sensibility.

Spearheaded by Michael DePerno and Andrew Fry the shop became a way to share a point of view that less is more.  

Michael's background in interior design and having had many shops over the years coupled with Andrew’s background in fashion PR allowed the pair to realise their shared affinity for all things beautiful. Quality, construction, timelessness and functional are all words Michael and Andrew value and they strive to have each item embody this spirit of design.  

Plain Goods hope to evoke a sense of discovery; the shop offers an experience to customers that Michael and Andrew found lacking in many retail settings — both in terms of product assortment, but also in knowledge, passion and service.

All photography © Laura Resen
1 New Preston Hill Road
New Preston
Connecticut 06777