September 2016

Located in New York’s West Village is The End of History, a cavernous shop brimming with mid-century finds, rare ceramics and vintage hand-blown glass.

Established in 1997 by Stephen Saunders, the store now holds approximately 10,000 unique items. Organised by colour and form, each piece forms a vivid landscape of design; ranging from acidic orange and bubble-gum pink to cool blue and classic ivory. Italian Murano glass rubs shoulders with Danish designs in the most pleasing of ways.

Previously a fashion designer, Saunders thought up the idea of The End of History when he found a 1951 Murano glass vase with an original $350 price tag still on it but for sale for only $25. From this moment on, Saunders sought to buy every piece he could.  With an inventory ranging from $250 to $16,000, the store is sure to satisfy your needs and with a decidedly cool client base too there’s no wonder The End of History is still going strong, almost 20 years later.

548 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014
All photography © The End of History