October 2019

The late great society hostess Gloria Vanderbilt built herself a fashion empire - millions wore her jeans emblazoned with Vanderbilt across the back pocket - but she was also something of an interior style icon. 

Using the backdrop of her homes for photo campaigns, Vanderbilt's interior style became as famous as her fashion lines. She was often quoted saying "Decorating is autobiographical" and for years she set out to prove her own theory. Her homes were decorated in fantastical ways; from palatial drawing rooms and bohemian boltholes to schintzy bedrooms and trad American kitchens.

Vanderbilt's passion for colour and pattern was the everlasting theme, with each and every room richly layered and warm. Whilst her personal life was often full of sadness and loss, the great heiress welcomed optimism and brightness into her life via her interiors. Today, we look back on some of her most iconic schemes. 

Imagery via Pinterest