July 2016

Sablé, the traditional French biscuit, have never looked as delectable as on the shelves of Bontemps Patisserie on rue de Bretagne.

The retro feminine patisserie is located in the popular neighbourhood of Le Marais and was founded by Fiona in February 2015 with help from her sister Fatina and husband Vincent. The branding of Bontemps is as well-crafted as their delicious sweets. The décor is charming and nostalgic, beautifully composed cakes sit on vintage porcelain servers that line the shelves of bright blue glass showcases. Delicate pendant lights, marble countertops and fun patterned floor tiles describe the colourful, 1950s-inspired interiors of Bontemps.

The team, having mastered the craft of a perfectly buttery and crumbly biscuit, explore seasonal flavours and unique combinations from organic Sicilian lemon and chocolate with tonka bean to the classic strawberry and vanilla. Round and teardrop shaped, the arrangements demonstrate Fiona and Fatina’s eye for design and an elegant presentation. The sweets are of utmost quality, prepared on-sight every day in a kitchen one floor below.

Next time you’re wandering the shops and galleries in Le Marais, satisfy your sweet tooth with a stop at Bontemps for a sample of utterly delicious sablé and thoughtful branding to match.

Photography © Bontemps
Main image © Fatina Fa