June 2016

The bright expanse of the Guggenheim Museum is the perfect setting for an exhibition of László Moholy-Nagy’s abstract reflection on light and its many forms. 

László Moholy-Nagy: Future Present, is the first major retrospective of the artist to appear in the United States for almost half a century. A collection of over 300 diverse works winds up the museum’s rotunda, showcasing the artist’s endless engagement with a variety of art movements, dimensions, and materials. Moholy-Nagy’s innovative works, from drawings, paintings, film, photography, and sculpture, are generously spaced throughout the museum, allowing each piece to captivate the viewer in the artist’s avid experimentation. The symbolic depth of the work comes from his inspiration of Dadaism, Suprematism and Constructivism, reflection on key historical events and his contemplation on the role of art in a society transformed by technological and industrial change.

A reproduction of the “Room of the Present,” a design conceived by Lazlo in 1930 but never constructed during his lifetime, appears In the High Gallery, on the top of the first ramp. This mixed media work, integrating an electric motor, glass, paint and wood, is an innovative piece reflecting on the power of images shaped by technology.

The exhibition illustrates the unique style of Moholy-Nagy’s work produced in the US. The bold colour and scale showcases the artist’s contemporary eye and translation of central themes in a variety of mediums.

The Guggenheim’s grand exhibition unravels the complex work of Moholy-Nagy, leaving us in awe of one of the leading figures and teachers of the Bauhaus. His bold and experimental artistic vision rightfully deserves our present awareness.