September 2018

September ushers in the beginning of a new school year, the transition into autumn and a Christie’s Interior Sale that will fuel your home inspiration for another quarter.

This season Martin Brudnizki worked with Christie’s to guest curate part of the sale which proved to be a very exciting project.

Built up from three main collections, including that of the late, great and very glamorous Mrs Marcella Rossi, the September sale is hugely varied, featuring a mix of old and new. We were able to combine different periods which was a key aspect to the look we were after and this was certainly helped thanks to an entire spectrum of good taste to choose from; whether that was Napoleonic portraits or Marcel Breuer chairs.

There were a few key items in the sale that instantly stood out; two enormous and beautiful chairs shaped like shells which created a surreal yet playful ambience, a couple of colonial side tables with swords as legs and two elegant eighteenth century stools upholstered in leopard print which felt very Madeleine Castaing. Using these key items Martin built around them creating a look that felt residential, playful and unique.

It has been immensely pleasurable deciding which pieces go together and how they are displayed; working with Pierre Frey and Samuel & Sons enabled us to create the perfect backdrop to each room too. The shell chairs are offset perfectly by a leopard print wallpaper by Pierre Frey with a red ombre pom pom trim by Samuel & Sons to the top and bottom of the walls. The final look is striking and perfectly echoes the eccentricity of the chairs against a regal gilded mirror and eighteenth century portrait. In the second room we utilised the marble fireplace and decided a French toile scene in blue and pink by Pierre Frey would work hand in hand with the relaxed salon-inspired look of the lots chosen. A pale pink embroidered trim has been applied to the skirting creating a framed look that feels classic yet contemporary.

With the second room being larger there has been much debate over what should go into it. Alongside a striking embroidered and tassel-trimmed ottoman one can find pieces by Jean Cocteau, a scale model of the façade of an Indian palace, an art deco drinks trolley and rattan side board by Soane Britain. Whilst on paper this sounds like a real mixture, there is something very pleasing and cohesive about the final look.

Thank you to Christie’s for asking Martin to guest curate part of the September sale, it has reminded us all of the beauty of interiors; that they should be experimental, personal and above all else, fun.    

Photography © Michael Sinclair
Join us at the Christie’s Late on King Street to preview the Interiors Sale and watch Martin take part in a Q&A about his involvement in the guest curation. Monday 10th September 2018, 18.00-20.30
8 King Street
St. James’s