May 2016

A bright red door nestled between shops on Old Bond Street marks the entrance to Handel & Hendrix, the original homes of two music greats; 18th Century composer George Frideric Handel and rock guitarist and singer, Jimi Hendrix.

The intimate house transports you into the vastly different worlds of the musicians. The first two floors dedicated to Handel include reproductions of the composer’s music and composition rooms, the bedroom and dressing room. The walls of the airy music room are lined with framed portraits of Handel’s artistic inspirations. A grand piano sits peacefully next to windows looking down to the lively streets below.

Leaping into the twentieth century, the iconic song “Purple Haze” carries you up to the third floor of the house containing a reproduction of Hendrix’s flat. Perhaps not initially something you’d associate with the notorious rocker, but beautifully restored walls, art work, and furniture make up the fabric of Hendrix’s home.

Whilst Handel and Hendrix belong to wildly different periods of music, it is evident the house served as an integral creative space for both. It’s juxtaposition between the obviously classical style of Handel’s home and the more bohemian, free-spirited ambience of Hendrix’s provides a surprisingly interesting glimpse into the creative minds of two great musicians.

The Handel House opened in November 2011 and was joined by the Hendrix Flat in February of this year. Masterclasses, Saturday talks and weekly concerts bring the historic space to life; how inspiring it must be to play music within the original walls of where Handel once performed his masterpieces before friends and patrons. Handel&Hendrix takes you on a beautiful journey through the past, yet the energy of the musicians and their mark on the Brook Street town house is greatly felt in the present.