January 2018

From dressing windows and designing beautiful table settings to opening a pop-up shop and advising brands, Matilda Goad is a woman in demand with many a feather to her bow. 

Based in London, Matilda is the go-to woman when in need of a little creative magic. We caught up with the creative consultant to talk shop, find out what makes her tick and what new creative project we can look forward to in the future. 

Tell us about your multi-disciplinary role as a Creative Consultant

I often describe my work as ‘creating spaces’ - whether it may be a shop window, event or a showroom I feel I apply the same aesthetic and style. It’s fun as each job inspires something new and keeps me on my toes. It means I am often referencing or using more unexpected materials and styles. The natural progression, having worked with so many artisans and specialist craft makers, was to develop a line of homeware products which started with my scalloped lampshades and now includes glassware, ceramics and candles.

Have you come from a creative background? 

Yes, my mother was a clothing designer - and growing up not being a great ‘academic’ I was very much encouraged to be creative. From a young age I remember spending days making rather ambitious creations and I must have moved the furniture in my little bedroom around a hundred times! At school I focused on painting and photography, both of which are such valuable tools for my work today.

What aspect of your industry do you enjoy the most?

It’s such a moment of ecstasy ripping open boxes of samples. Admittedly there are set backs when my designs have been misinterpreted or it’s not as I imagined but seeing an idea translated from pen on paper to the real thing is just so exciting! Seeing how much joy my products can give people and having some top designers buying my products is very flattering.

This November we saw the opening of your first pop-up shop. Do you have plans to do more of these in the future or even open a permanent shop?

Definitely - I LOVED being shopkeeper! Being solely online I hadn't experienced coming face to face with my customers and it was so interesting to meet each one personally. I think the concept of pop ups is so current and gives everyone an opportunity to have a go. It’s also great fun creating different spaces each time. 

What kind of collaborations would you like to do more of?

There are so many the list goes on - print, paint, furniture… I think we live in an age now where collaborations are encouraged - I really think it can be so beneficial as you bring the best of what you both have together.

Are there any creative projects you have never tried but you like to? Eg. Flower arranging, food styling etc

I’ve always dreamt of have a tiny cafe come shop  - I don’t think this is going to happen in the immediate future but if there were ever an opportunity to design this on behalf of someone else I would definitely jump at the chance. 

How do you go about designing your own spaces? 

It always starts with a material or colour and I move forward from there. I never like anything to feel too serious and stuffy - or too safe - I love layers and the little details are particularly important to me. I always jot down my initial ideas using ink and watercolour - the internet is great but I need to have everything out in front of me!

What’s on your radar this year for trends? 

I’m loving woven cane and have in fact just inserted panels of this for my bedroom cupboards. I’m really pleased with the results; it feels a little bit Sri Lankan by way of Ladbroke Grove!

What keeps you feeling energised and inspired in the design world? 

Travel, coffee, daydreaming, swimming and flea markets 

All photography © Matilda Goad