March 2018

Yves Saint Laurent once wrote that “the boldness seen in [his] work, [he] owed to Marrakech”. 

Describing its colours as forceful harmonies, audacious combinations and fervours of creativity, the city became home for the French fashion designer, transforming and adapting its history and culture into his iconic designs. Having first discovered the sights and scents of the city in 1966, Yves Saint Laurent immediately decided to buy a house there. 50 years later, a museum was built in dedication to his oeuvre, which was so inspired by Morocco.

Housing a collection of 5,000 articles of clothing and 15,000 haute couture accessories, as well as tens of thousands of drawings, the museum is an encyclopaedia for all things Yves Saint Laurent. Situated next to the dazzling blue Majorelle Garden, the home of Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge, the Musée Yves Saint Laurent has been designed by Studio KO. Their design for the museum has been inspired by the way in which curves run alongside straight lines in Yves Saint Laurent’s work. The façade of the building appears as an interaction of cubes with a lace-like covering of bricks, creating a pattern which mirrors the weft and warp of fabric; its earthy tone blending seamlessly into the arid landscape.

Yet, step inside the museum and the interiors are radically different to its exterior architecture. Velvety, smooth and radiant, the interior is a sensual dedication to Yves Saint Laurent’s legacy, offering a glimpse into his life and works that were once only privy to a select few. 

The museum is a manifestation of the designer; his values and visions as well as being a love letter to the city to which he owed so much. Perfectly contrasting against the gardens, the museum offers a sanctuary for those looking to escaping the bustle of the souks and perhaps seek out their own source of inspiration. 

Photography © Dan Glasser
Musée Yves Saint Laurent
Rue Yves St Laurent
Marrakech 40000