Situated on the banks of the River Seine, La Plage Parisienne is a modern day Guinguette, designed for Beaumarly Group and the Costes Family.  

Referencing Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party and Sauvages Scène de guinguette, bord de Seine, Martin Brudnizki Design Studio (MBDS) has designed a spacious casual restaurant that enthuses the spirit of Paris’ love affair with entertaining alfresco and the relaxed elegance of dining en famille. 

Photography by Marina Denisova

Inspired by the joyfulness and frivolity of Paris’ historic outdoor cabarets, the studio transformed the space into a sprawling covered terrace and adjoining indoor restaurant. Playing on the concept of creating an indoor/outdoor experience, diners will enter a restaurant that feels as though it is permanently exposed to the natural beauty of Paris’ landscape all whilst being protected from the elements. 

Split into two sections - indoors and outdoors - La Plage Parisienne shares a design narrative throughout. Whimsical festoon lighting zig-zags throughout, joining the riverside terrace to the cosiness of the indoor restaurant. A refreshing and welcoming colour palette of high gloss coral, verdant green and soothing blues flows across the restaurant floor, interlinking the bar area to the dining floor and out onto the terrace. In the main restaurant, a mixture of table options provides guests with the possibility of dining in a large group or in a more intimate manner with loved ones. Comfortable banquettes are mixed with wrought-iron-style garden seating, each adorned with colourful and jovial upholstery. Floral patterns mix with ginghams and stripes to encapsulate a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and inspire a youthful vibe. 

Leading through to the outdoor terrace, a chequerboard-inspired floor crafted from concrete in tones of blue and green is joined by oversized blue parasols and an ethereal pergola of greenery and lighting meaning the terrace can be enjoyed all year round, not just during the summer months. Freestanding planters and classical urns overflow with seasonal planting whilst an open area has been created so visiting musicians can take to the stage and perform live music for guests. This party ambience is maintained thanks to low-level lighting and the magical glow of the overhead festoon drapes.